Nice to look at, tasty to eat

In one of many restaurants/taverns around Punat and on the island one can enjoy the taste of the Mediterranean cuisine and traditional meals. On the island of Krk, the expected human life span is far above the Croatian average. The legend regarding the area natural wealth and gifts, a mild climate and a mild Mediterranean Diet has become reality for the island's numerous centenarians.

The secret of long life also lies in the “elixir of youth, health and beauty” which is present in large quantities on the island of Krk and this is confirmed by the islanders when they talk about the olive oil as an obligatory ingredient to both local and national food specialities. Together with home-made olive oil, wine vinegar, herbs and spices found on the island dominate in the preparation of island delicacies such as laurel, rosemary, garlic, shallots, salt, parsley, tomatoes, olives, carrots... The life expectancy on the island of Krk is above the croation national average.

Fresh fish, scampi and other crustaceans and shellfish are still today unchanged in an islanders' home cooking, as well many vegetable side dishes. Don’t forget you are on the island and fishing is one of oldest activities.

Needless to say that vegetables sold in local markets are 100% organically grown in small private gardens and their flavour is superb.

A holiday lunch will almost always include meals prepared using home-made pasta (šurlice, macaroni, gnocchi) with a variety of different sauces. Krk lamb, home-made sheep's milk cheese and smoked ham are particularly appreciated. Legend has it that lamb from the island of Krk was served during Nero's famous banquets in Rome.

Taste the sweet island speciality made from sheep's milk cheese whose name varies according to the village – presnac, presnec, presnoc. All of these traditional Krk dishes are offered on the menus of around a hundred island restaurants, taverns and other catering facilities that prepare and offer international cuisine.

Included within home-made specialities are also the traditional events- “Wine days” in Vrbnik, “Fig days” at the island’s catering facilities and "Black sheep" in Baška. Make a toast with Vrbnička žlahtina, and if you wish to take a “gastronomic souvenir” from the island let that be the home-made brandy or dried figs.

And remember: if islanders offer you brandy and dry figs, they are wishing you a warm welcome and as legend has it are predicting a long and happy life. We wish you Bon Appetite!

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