Only 750 meters from Punat is the small island Košljun. It’s known for the Franciscan monastery where the monks have for centuries collected and preserved many valuable items. The museum on the island is a historical treasure with ethnographic collections containing numerous items about fishermen and farmers as well as folk costumes from across the island. The monastery also has a rich zoological collection consisting of a large collection of seashells and unique specimens of animals, such as the one-eyed lamb. The monastery has a rich library with around 30,000 books. Among them, the Ptolemy atlas printed in Venice in 1511 (one of three preserved). The island has two churches - St. Mary’s Annunciation and St.Bernards.

Tour of the island Košljun takes about two hours. From the pier in Punat, taxi boats leave every hour and the journey takes only 20 min. For more information please visit the following link: www.tzpunat.hr


Get acquainted with the stormy history of the towns of Krk Island. Stroll through the old village of Omišalj on the northern tip of the island, and taste homemade brandy. Visit the village of Krk, which still inhabits its old Roman walls, concealing true historical and cultural treasures. After sampling the gastronomic delights of Punat and visiting the scenic town of Vrbnik, set on a high seaside cliff, you can enjoy the rich flavours of local wines. At the conclusion to your visit the church of Sv. Lucy in the small village Jurandvor that hides a copy of the famous castle, the Glagolitic script, which is also the first Croatian written document.

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In one of the oldest villages on the island of Krk you can find the world’s narrowest street as well as the Franciscan castle, historical small churches and chapels. This is a destination you shouldn’t miss not just for its historical monuments but also for the grastronomical pleasures on offer. A rare species of vine is cultivated in the fields of Vrbinik and it’s served on the tables as "Vrbnička žlahtina" wine.

Read more about this magnificent town above the sea on the following link www.vrbnik.hr


Take a bus ride to the bay of Voz and enjoy the magnificent view Krk bridge. Visit the village of Rudine and explore some beautiful calcite forms of the Biserujka Cave. Finish your visit with a pleasant swim in the sand bay of Soline and enjoy the warm sea and healing muddy seabed.


The initial rise on the hills and plateaus offer a view of the village and the sea, while the peaks provide a view of the greater part of Krk, Kvarner islands and the mainland. A marked trail connects Punat, Baska Draga, Stara Baska, Batomalj, Jurandvor and Baska.

For the maps and marked trail routes please go to the following links: www.tzpunat.hr i http://kvarner.hr/staze-setnice/krk.html


Located in the centre of Baška provides a unique view of the underwater sea life of Adriatic sea. The richness and diversity of fish from the Adriatic is presented in twenty aquariums. Within the aquarium there are 100 types of fish and 400 types of shellfish and snails.

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