Due to the richness and variety of the seafood and the land, the island of Krk was historically referred to as the Insula Aurea (Golden Island) and the Village of Krk Splendidissima civitas Curictarum (The Glorious City of the People of Krk). Krk is a very unique island in many ways, with a great cultural-historical legacy, interesting people and a wide range of activities for tourists. Everyone who visits cannot remain unaffected by its natural beauty, food and cultural history, something that is confirmed by our satisfied guests.

In comparison with the other islands in the Adriatic, it has two very important differences. Out of a total of 1246 islands that are in the Croatian Adriatic, the island of Krk has a surface area of 406 square metres and alongside Cres it is the largest island in the Adriatic. As well as being the largest island, Krk clearly provides the best connections to the mainland and in recent times tourists have labelled it the ‘closest Adriatic island’.

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